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As of January 2, 2018, the Phoenix Arizona location replaced its ERP system and merged onto the Oracle E-Business Suite as part of the BAE Systems, Combat Vehicles Operation. As a result, several changes to our documentation requirements and communication flow have changed. As with any change in IT systems, we anticipate there may be some startup issues. However, we will work to answer any questions or address any problems that may come up during this transition, so we ask that you report any of your concerns to your point-of-contact immediately. Our implementation team will be standing-by to address any issues as we become aware of them.

This page provides links to the supplier quality requirements, as referenced on BAE Systems orders, and the associated forms and information which supports those requirements.

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Quality Notifications
Subject Release Date
Supplier Quality Supplier Communication 2022 Meeting Calendar 11/18/2021
CDR007A Welding Combat Vehicles Inspection Criteria/Document Submittal Requirements 09/02/2021
First Piece Inspection and Documentation Submittal Requirements Notification 06/07/2021
Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) Quality Notification 03/23/2021
New Paint Color Exception Notification 03/29/2021
Part Identification Quality Notice 07/20/2020
Supplier Welding Procedure Submission Form 089136 Notification 07/16/2020
Sealed Shrink Component Requirements 05/28/2020
Nondestructive Testing - Evaluation (NDE) 05/26/2020
Purchased Product Palletizing Requirements 03/17/2020
Sticker Placement Supplier Quality Notification 03/04/2020
CDR007 Submittal Requirements 03/03/2020
Approved Paint Supplier Notification 01/16/2020
Material Reduction Supplier Quality Notification 06/26/2019
Supplier Quality Notification Contamination: SQAM Section 9.1 06/18/2019
CDR 085 First Article Inspection Guidelines 02/27/2019
Supplier Weld Requirement Notification on Specific Contract Flow-down 10/26/2018
CDR 034 Thermal Cutting & Class 2 RHA 10/08/2018
Supplier Quality Notice ISO 9001 2015 Expiring September 14, 2018 01/08/2018

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CURRENT Supplier Quality Assurance Manual (SQAM)/Contract Deliverable Requirements (CDR)
Subject Effective Date
SQAM, Rev 12 04/05/2021
SQAM, Rev 12 (Summary of Changes) 04/05/2021
CDR, Rev 15 05/10/2021
CDR Rev 15 (Summary of Changes) 05/10/2021

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PREVIOUS Supplier Quality Assurance Manual (SQAM)/Contract Deliverable Requirements (CDR)
Subject Effective Date
SQAM, Rev 11 11/09/2020
SQAM, Rev 11 (Summary of Changes) 11/09/2020
SQAM, Rev 10 03/16/2020
SQAM, Rev 10 (Summary of Changes) 03/16/2020
SQAM, Rev 09 05/01/2019
SQAM, Rev 09 (Summary of Changes) 05/01/2019
SQAM, Rev 08 07/16/2018
SQAM, Rev 08 (Summary of Changes) 07/16/2018
SQAM, Rev 07 02/26/2018
SQAM, Rev 07 (Summary of Changes) 02/26/2018
SQAM, Rev 06 11/28/2016
SQAM, Rev 06 (Summary of Changes) 11/28/2016
CDR, Rev 14 03/16/2020
CDR Rev 14 (Summary of Changes) 03/16/2020
CDR, Rev 13 05/01/2019
CDR Rev 13 (Summary of Changes) 05/01/2019
CDR, Rev 12 07/16/2018
CDR Rev 12 (Summary of Changes) 07/16/2018
CDR, Rev 11 02/26/2018
CDR Rev 11 (Summary of Changes) 02/26/2018
CDR, Rev 10 03/06/2017
CDR Rev 10 (Summary of Changes) 03/06/2017
SOP1041 Rev H 07/14/2016
SOP207 Rev V 11/02/2016

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Form # Document Title Release Date
089725 Rev 4 Vendor Information Request (VIR) 12/09/2020
088206, Rev - First Piece-First Article Checklist Work Instructions effective 05/23/2016

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Approved Painter List
Document Release Date
PHOENIX Approved Painter Supplier List 07/20/2017

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Weld Forms
Form # Document Title Release Date
090475 Rev 1 Certificate of Conformance Certified Weld Inspection 02/08/2019
089136 Rev 11 Weld Procedure Submission Form 04/13/2021
091866 Rev 5 LAA-5130 Brazing or Braze Welding Procedure 10/29/2020
091868 Rev 5 LAA-5131 Recorded Joint Welding Procedure for Resistance Welding 10/29/2020
091869 Rev 6 LAA-5272 Weld Submittal Requirements and Instructions 09/18/2017

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