Ship Repair: Transportation

You have reached the BAE Systems Platforms and Services Ship Repair Transportation page. You will find all relevant information required to ship your product correctly, including the International and Domestic Routing Instructions, Incoterms, and the 2018 Work schedules. It is important to check this site often as the information does change.

Following the required shipping information will allow for on time deliveries, reliable and fast payment of freight bills/invoicing and avoid supplier charge backs. Please contact us with any questions.

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Transportation Documents
Release Date Title
01/01/2015 Transportation Communication Letter
12/18/2017 International and Domestic Routing Instructions
12/18/2017 Incoterms 2010 Rules Chart of Responsibility
01/01/2018 2018 BAE Systems 9/80 Work Schedule Calendar
01/01/2018 2018 BAE Systems 5/40 Work Schedule Calendar

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